BIM Guidelines – New York City Department of Design+Construction

The DDC BIM Guide provides guidelines for the consistent development and
use of BIM across multiple building types and for a wide range of municipal
agencies. Furthermore, this guide will be useful for any agency or organization
that may be interested in utilizing BIM for public projects in New York
Part One General Information / DDC Public Buildings Division
Part One General Information / Public Buildings Lifecycle Vision 7
City but do not have their own standards. The guide is intended to ensure
uniformity in the use of BIM for all New York City Public Buildings projects.
The BIM guide considers the end-use of the model for multiple client agencies,
allowing qualified and authorized client agency representatives to review
the ways in which the BIM may facilitate their ongoing building operation and
maintenance protocols, and tailor their agency requirements and standards
to leverage the enhanced capabilities provided by BIM for building O&M. This
BIM Guide will also support client agency design standards in support of each
agency’s mission.
BIM toolsets and uses continue to evolve, and the DDC BIM Guide will continue
to be reviewed and updated to reflect advances in industry technology, methodology
and trends, as deemed appropriate for municipal agency work in New
York City.