Revit  Basic Course

Nuria Martínez Salas, David García and Oscar Liebana


BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a design methodology that includes and manages all the information of a building in its life cycle. S-BIM (Structural BIM) collects information about the structure in the same exchange model. This new concept of collaborative work in engineering, construction and architectural design creates a digital representation beyond the planning and design phase of the project, extending throughout the building life cycle, supporting processes that include cost management, construction management, project management and facility operation. S-BIM increases efficiency and the overall quality of the building, and needs specific software to collect all the information. This information includes all the components of the building structure: elements design, analysis, detailing, installation, facility, sustainability, legislation codes, etc… and this must be compatible, in real time, with other building disciplines.

Training Tools are courses for specific tools requiring constant upgrade for students in the School of Architecture (degree, postgraduate and vocational training) for a better academic progress of the subjects in their regulated course. Priority areas are the software of digital fabrication, parametric design, BIM and use of specific machinery of architecture workshops. They are made with professors linked to school and preferably alumni. The learning system will be held through practical examples on workshops. Students will bring their equipment and educational licenses shall be used. Digital documents as well as promotional videos of the courses will be made.

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